Each year, we award the “Rising Star Award” to a top performer who has really grown and excelled in their position.  This year we saw so much talent that we had to choose more than one! The winners of this award have always been someone that management sees a lot of future potential in and many of the past winners remain top performers today.  Some of the attributes that exemplify what it means to be a “Rising Star” are a Positive Attitude, Leadership Skills, Teamwork, Hard-Work and Dedication.

We are proud to present a Rising Star award to Emily McDonald, a scientific recruiter in our Massachusetts Division. 

Emily joined us in 2019 as an entry level recruiter after graduating from University of New Hampshire with a degree in Biomedical Science. Shortly after she began her group shifted into a super group under new leadership and Emily’s work ethic and personality really stood out as exceptional.  As more group changes happened due to the pandemic she showed us how flexible she could be to “role with the punches” and to keep making things happen. More impressively she showed us her ability to produce at a high level while balancing both recruiting and client relations, something that often comes later in a recruiter’s career.

“Emily has really boosted up the level of the group, working roles that nobody else was interested in resulting in a ton of new opportunity.” – Sean Reilly, account manager, group leader and former Rising Star recipient.

Congratulations Emily on your Rising Star Achievement!